The Surgeon General's report, Mental Health: Culture, Race and Ethnicity, states that "Mental health is fundamental to overall health and productivity. It is the basis for successful contributions to family, community, and society. Throughout the lifespan, mental health is the wellspring of thinking and communication skills, learning, resilience, and self-esteem." The report also states, "Mental health problems are real and disabling conditions that are experienced by one in five Americans. Left untreated, mental health can result in disability and despair for families, schools, communities, and the workplace."

The following is a list of common psychiatric diagnoses evaluated and treated by our clinicians, in children, adolescents, and adults:

  • Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD)

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Mood Instability

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Eating Disorders

  • Anger Issues

  • Mild Psychotic Disorder

  • Mood Disorder secondary to Brain Injury

  • Schizophrenia

  • Personality Disorders


Neuropsychiatry is a subspecialty of psychiatry that focuses on the relationship between behavior and brain function. Having served the Louisville Metro for 16 years as a neurosurgeon and 10 years as a psychiatrist, Dr. Terry Hagan is uniquely qualified to understand, diagnose, and treat patients who have emotional and psychological symptoms due to brain injury, stroke, dementia, and other disorders of the nervous system. He is board certified by The American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry.


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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT can help you to change how you think (‘cognitive’) and what you do (‘behaviour’), which are both linked to how you feel. CBT looks at problems and difficulties in the ‘here and now’ more than your past or childhood. CBT will help you understand how you think about yourself, the world and other people and how that affects your reaction to situations.

Below are some of the problems and conditions CBT is often useful for treating.

  • Poor anger control

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Post traumatic stress disorder

  • Panic attacks

  • Psychosis

  • Phobias


Psychotherapy looks at how your early or past experiences affect you now. There are different types of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is not like counselling or CBT. Psychotherapy helps you understand yourself more and is done over a longer time period. Psychotherapy can be useful for people who have a long term or recurring problem.

Our team of licensed and certified mental health professionals are here to help you. We strive to offer an environment that nurtures, challenges, empowers, and guides you toward personal, relational, and professional growth.

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